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Pierre & François Lamoureux - Filmmakers and Music Producers

                 François and Pierre Lamoureux circa 1999       photo: Charles Trahan       Where Art Survives Technology ™

Cinemusica brings together the talents of two award-winning filmmakers and music producers. Directors/Producers Pierre and François Lamoureux excel in assembling the right creative and technical teams to ensure that your art survives technology. It's not just about 3D, HD, theatrical screenings, streaming, broadcast, downloads or BluRay and DVDs. It's about ensuring that your performance and your story is captured in an optimal way so that it translates to all broadcast and distribution media. We call it future-proofing. It's about understanding your art, what makes you unique and making sure it sounds and looks great, whatever size screen or speaker configuration. Excellence attracts excellence. Excellence inspires excellence. That's what Cinemusica does. That's how Pierre & François work.


Award-Winning Experience
Pierre & François Lamoureux' productions have earned a multitude of industry awards, including a Grammy, two Emmy, two Juno and two Gemini Awards. Their fillms have aired all over the world and sold millions of copies on Blu-ray and DVD. Both Pierre and François hold Bachelor of Music degrees from McGill University where they studied jazz, classical and electronic music. 

From theatrical release to broadcast, home video and in-flight entertainment, Cinemusica has built a remarkable network of distribution and licensing partners for our films and productions.


NEWSFLASH - updated November 2014

Front and Center on PBS

Season 4 of Front and Center is currently airing and we've starting filming Season 5. Depending on where you live, episodes of Season 4 will keep airing into 2015. 

Check out for current and local Public Television listings.



Season 1 of Speakeasy launches on Public Television in January. Speakeasy is a unique series where the artist gets to choose who interviews them. Check out for current and local Public Television listings.

Recent Productions:

Geddy Lee & Michael Chabon - Episode 5 of Speakeasy.

Carlos Santana & Harry Belafonte - Episode 4 of Speakeasy. 

John Mellencamp & Jann Wenner - Episode 3 of Speakeasy. 

Roger Waters & Bill Weir - Episode 2 of Speakeasy.

Nile Rodgers & Valerie Simpson - Episode 1 of Speakeasy


The Midtown Men "Live In Concert" - filmed at the New Jersey Performing Arts Centre. Starts airing on WNET and Public Television on November 29th.


Dream Theater "Breaking The Fourth Wall" - filmed at the Boston Opera House and also features the Berklee College Symphony Orchestra.


Opéra lyrique de Montréal "Hansel & Gretel"


"Front and Center" on Public Television - a television series directed by Pierre & François Lamoureux. The series features intimate concerts filmed at The Iridium, The McKittrick Hotel, The Brooklyn Bowl and The Highline Ballroom in New York City as well as Marathon Music Works in Nashville.

Recent productions:

Trey Anastasio at the Brooklyn Bowl

Richie Sambora at Iridium

Keith Urban at The Highline Ballroom

The Fray at The McKittrick Hotel

Dierks Bentley at Marathon Music Works

Lady Antebellum at Marathon Music Works

Richard Thompson at Iridium

Joe Satriani at Iridium

Counting Crows at The McKittrick Hotel

John Hiatt at Iridium

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FogoLabs is the original production company founded by François in 2001. Whereas Cinemusica has since been created for the Lamoureux brothers' personal creative projects, FogoLabs employs and works with other directors and producers under their supervision. FogoLabs offers a wider range of services from concert film to music video production as well as corporate video production, event planning and production. In 2008, FogoLabs Corp officially opened its office in New York City. FogoLabs also does archive and media audio and video restoration.




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